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The SeamlessTV Partner Program is now open to all parties interested in practicing MONKEYmedia's patented technology and methods in connection with DVD players, Blu-ray players, set-top boxes, DVRs, smart TVs, PC video players, mobile devices, discs implementing telescopic video features, and the transmission of telescopic advertising and other optional viewing materials.

Companies that join the SeamlessTV Partner Program receive licenses to MONKEYmedia's portfolio of Seamless Expansion and Seamless Contraction patents. This includes patent claims directed towards telescopic video and other enhanced viewing experiences, and are essential to the practice of various industry-governed standards such as DVD-Video, Blu-ray and Tru2way (e.g. Enhanced TV / EBIF & SCTE-130).

SeamlessTV partners have the option of selecting portfolio licenses for particular categories of products and services, whether implemented as stand-alone devices, software or integrated into another product. Combination devices may be subject to fees in each applicable category.

Rates for DVD-Video and Blu-ray Discs

Rates for DVD-Video and Blu-ray Players

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License Terms